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Victoria Gibbs

Hey everyone! My name is Victoria Gibbs and I’m based out of New York! I began practicing yoga eight years ago and from the first time that I stepped on my mat, my passion was evident. Now, while both a yoga model and influencer, I am a five-time competitive yoga athlete, four-time New York Regional Champion, and in 2018 qualified to compete in Beijing, China at the International Yoga Sport Federation as a representative of the US. I completed my 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training at Lighthouse Yoga School where I furthered my knowledge and honed my technique. With that said, my goal is to help people feel more balanced, motivated, and like they’re working towards the best version of themselves. If we can learn to let go and stay present in each moment, we will learn how to be our most authentic self. My training will give people an opportunity to feel good, work hard, and provide themselves with the tools to safely develop their mind, strength, and flexibility. Welcome to, "Awakening." I’m truly excited to be sharing these three, 30 minute yoga flows with you. The main focus of my program, Awakening, is to help facilitate awareness in the mind and body. We will work to build strength, flexibility, and a deeper connection with oneself. This series is for all levels and the classes can be completed in any order. So please, join me on your mat and let’s begin to awaken the self.

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