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Tuna Apari

Hi all, My name is Tuna YUKSEL, and I'm a certified yoga teacher. Married with love. I have a daughter and a son. Also cats and dogs and farm animals. Vegan. I live in Kaş, Turkey. I had an active sports background. But I only do yoga now. Maybe it's time to slow down. I've lived with YOGA since the beginning of my life. I've been practicing YOGA since September 2015. I have scoliosis and hernia (on my lower back) The first months of my yoga journey were so painful. I never give up. Then I learned to heal myself with yoga. I learned to stop and observe. I learned not to say that 'I cant.' Social media and online videos helped me to progress my yoga. That's why I post my every yoga practice, my daily workouts. I want to help people too:) Let's get started!

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