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Oliver Mccann

Hi guys, my name is Oli Mccann and I'm your fitness expert based in London, England. My philosophy around training is to train smarter rather than harder. I try to have a big variety of methods to exercise in my training such as using bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and free weights. From a young age, I was always into a sport which led me going to a sports college at the age of 16 where my main sport was rugby then decided to study a degree in Sport and Exercise Health Studies. After graduating from there after 3 years I then went onto doing 1-1 personal training. If your someone who wants to build lean muscle and drop body fat and likes a challenge and doesn’t want to suffer from boredom when exercising then I’m the trainer for you. Going from training the average Joe to celebrities over the past 7 years you can’t go wrong.

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