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Jeremy Abramson

Hey lovely humans! I believe that to move is to live. I help you move optimally with your own bodyweight, no gym or equipment required. By working with primal movements, we're able to build mobility, strength, and cardio capacity without taxing the joints. The result is a fun, flowing state that not only strengthens your muscles, but also the connection between brain and body to optimize your human potential. MOVING promotes health, vitality, energy, and creativity: my classes won't leave you sore for days, but rather energized and feeling great. I can’t wait to move with you! Certifications: NCSF Personal Trainer, FRC Mobility, Onnit Foundations, Onnit Kettlebells, Functional Movement Systems, Precision Nutrition I bring my passion for wellness to the community and workplace with my #StandUp2SittingMovement – you can check out the podcast StandUp2Sitting, too!

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