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Anastasia Zavistovskaya

Hi, I’m Anastasia your stretching expert. Let me lead you to the world of flexibility. But before we start I want you to know some information about me, so you could intrust me your body. From my early childhood I studied at one of the most famous ballet schools in Russia and then at university of physical education. In 2015 I established my own studio of flexibility for adults, and later organized on-line school of flexibility. I also try myself as YouTube blogger with channel called “Stretch Me”, there you also may find a lot of useful videos about stretching. Annually I participate in fitness festivals as stretching expert. And ones in a season I give master classes for stretching trainers, they are quite popular, so we even have waiting list for those want to get my knowledge. Here at Motify app I’m happy to present you my full body stretching routine. I Wish you to train with joy and pleasure.

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