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Alex Medich

Hi, I'm Alex! When I was 15 years old I was 250 pounds. I wasn't even full grown yet. I got home from school one May afternoon and wrote 8:00 on the chalkboard in my parents kitchen. Then, I went outside and ran for 8 minutes, returning to erase one of the zeros and replace it with a 1. The board now read 8:10. I figured no matter how little I wanted to, I could devote 8 minutes a day to losing weight. Each day I did a little more and never looked back. within a couple months I was lifting weights, changing my diet, and watching the number on the scale drop. ​ I've interned under world class athletes, studied exercise science at the University of Dayton, developed a borderline ridiculous obsession with learning, and yes, lost 100 pounds (I currently weight 200 lbs). Now, I want to make use of what I know. I am here for you and I am here to help. Ask me questions, challenge me and I'll challenge you. I'll never sugar coat or hold back, I tell it like it is and if that bothers you... get over it! No progress is made without an ugly truth being recognized first. So, talk to me! Like I said, I am here for you. :)

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