Thanks for joining this 20mn chair workout. This session will include tissue work, dynamic movements that will rise safely your heart rate, and end with stretching. We’ll use only objects found around your home so you can be successful wherever you are at. For most movements, I’ll coach you for 15 seconds, and then you’ll perform each exercise for 45 seconds. For this workout, you’ll need a ball like a tennis ball or a dog toy can do, a belt or strap, and a chair, preferably without armrest. I also recommend you keep handy a towel and water bottle since my goal is to raise your heart rate safely. I want you to stay hydrated! During this workout, focus on breathing and growing your range of motion. Our warmup is designed to teach you self-massage techniques using a ball. And finally, before starting any workout, make sure you are cleared by your health care provider. If you have any injuries or sore spots, modify workouts based on your own body. This is a pain-free workout. You’re in charge – listen to your body.

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  • Healthy Fitness
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  • Ball
  • Fitness mat
  • Chair
  • 16.9 oz Bottles of Water
  • Belt



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