10-Minute No Equipment Workouts by Amanda Schwartz

10-Minute No Equipment Workouts by Amanda Schwartz

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Amanda Schwartz



Hi, my name is Amanda Schwartz. I’m a Jersey girl born and raised. I spent 8 years in NYC personal training and acting. Currently, I reside in Los Angeles and specialize in giving my clients results. I combine strength training, HIIT, Pilates, cardio, plyometrics, boxing, and yoga to keep your body guessing, burning, and toning. I’m a NASM certified personal trainer. I’ve trained all fitness levels, celebrities, beginners, athletes, and now you! I’ll be focusing on 10-minute workouts without any equipment. We can all spare 10 minutes and it really boosts our energy levels and our mind. You can always do 2 or three ten minute workouts, but showing up for the first workout is the hardest. We all have ten minutes in us! I focus on easy to follow moves that give results fast!! I’d love feedback and or suggestions for body parts you want to focus more on. I look forward to training with you!

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  • Sel A.

    1 july 2020
    I like these workouts! They are really short and nice. 10-15 minutes are always doable even if you think “I don’t have time to workout”
  • Chantel Kaczur

    27 june 2020
    Feel great after that workout... really got me set up for the day!
  • F Z

    faye zhang

    20 may 2020
    Love these workout! Quick and effecient! Definitly adding to my routine everyday.
  • M B

    Maria BG

    30 april 2020
    Fantastic workout!!! Can’t wait to see the results!!
  • Jennifer Sox

    26 april 2020
    Great 10 minute leg workout! Will definitely add these workouts to my daily routine!