For thousands of years, the ancient Indian practice of yoga has been helping people all over the world balance mental and physical fitness. It is a truly holistic practice, shown to increase strength, stamina and flexibility while improving mental health and concentration.

The appeal of yoga lessons online lies in their ability to produce positive results for the mind, the body and the spirit with virtually no use of external equipment. You will see that most exercise yoga videos feature just the yogi and a simple mat, where even the mat is optional.

How to get the best from your yoga workouts?

Yoga is much more than a simple fitness routine. Watch any at home yoga videos and you will notice that mindfulness is at the core of all things yoga. Before you begin any Motify easy yoga online course, check if you are prepared with these basics:

  • A quiet place - Unlike a normal workout, the ideal place to practice yoga should be quiet, tranquil and without distractions. However, soothing music can help you get better results.
  • Firm surface – The yoga routines in any yoga video course are often centered on balancing the body in various poses. An even, non-slip floor and a soft mat are helpful here.
  • Incense and aromatherapy – Many yoga practitioners doing these exercises at home believe that the right smells make the brain more receptive to the workout.

Description of the different yoga types for home workout

Watching a yoga for beginners at home video, you will realize that yoga is a wonderful tapestry of styles. We recognize that your yoga training needs might not be the same as everyone else’s. For that, Motify’s lessons cover a wide range of types, each with its own benefits.

A popular yoga routine online may focus on stress alleviation. Another may be about strength, flexibility and endurance. Others may show how yoga can help prevent sports injuries by improving flexibility.

The themes and concepts between different styles often overlap because many yoga poses and movements have multiple benefits.

How to motivate yourself for a home yoga workout?

At home yoga videos are a convenient way to discover the benefits of this ancient practice. However, you have to motivate yourself to practice the routines so you can discover them.

Encourage yourself by focusing on the goal you want to achieve through yoga. It could be the calm, composed self you have always wanted or the svelte body you crave. Imagine how your improved flexibility will prevent injuries when you play strenuous sports.

Some just love the prospect of being able to twist themselves into a pretzel. In our opinion, that’s a good reason as any.

The Motify competitive advantage

Your yoga workout subscription at Motify service gives you instant access to hundreds of lessons from certified yoga instructors. Watch unlimited videos as often as you like and you`ll have motivation for being healthy. A similar program at a yoga club or gym can cost thousands of dollars.

Save money, save time and achieve a balanced mind and body. What’s not to love about Motify?