While most of us understand the basic concept of stretching, not as many understand the physiology behind it. A stretching routine video can tell you how to stretch but few explain why it is so important. 

Watching a video of stretching exercises may help you avoid injuries during physical exercise. A human body is composed of muscles and tissue held together around the skeleton. The bones of the skeleton are attached to each other by ligaments. Muscles are attached to bones by tendons. Ligaments and tendons are like flexible ropes made of fibers.

When we stretch, the movement of the body into different positions pulls on these fibers. Gentle stretches ‘teach’ the fibers to flex, allowing for more movement. If performed regularly, stretching increases the range of movement that a joint can perform. In short, it increases what we call ‘flexibility’.

Why are stretching lessons so useful for home training?

You should make a daily full body stretching routine a habit, even if you do not work out. However, it is even more important when you are training at home. Many of us tend to overlook this essential part of any exercise routine and end up exposing ourselves to sports injuries.

As we explained in the previous section, tendons and ligaments stretch to accommodate movement. An inadequate stretching regimen leaves you feeling like you are protected against these injuries when you are not. An under-stretched muscle or ligament is more likely to fray and tear when exposed to heavy loads and/or sudden movements.

Total body stretching exercises prepare your body for a workout at home when you don’t have a trainer to urge you to complete a full stretching routine. 

Description of some stretching effective techniques

Stretching is a human instinct. You will notice that you stretch when you yawn or when we wake up even though no one has taught you to. Online stretching workout videos simply package that instinct in an orderly way.

One of the most popular techniques on Motify is stretching yoga. It combines the physical and mental benefits of yoga into a stretching routine.

Some of our trainers have a ballet background. They share their excellent dance flexibility secrets in the stretching lessons they teach.

Motify is all about full body and mind wellness and we also feature exercises that combine stretching and meditation. People who are short on time and want quick holistic results like to use them.

We encourage you to try as many different trainers and stretching exercises as possible. Combine several different techniques to target different body parts and change them up so you never get bored.

The Motify competitive advantage

Motify offers you unparalleled value for money with an affordable range of stretching training lessons. Our service is geared specifically to people working out at home so they can keep fit without spending too much money. With targeted lessons, our service provides you with the order and direction you need to keep fit, no matter where you are. 

No more excuses – it’s time to Motify your life. We have motivation for you.