Yoga and Pilates are often bundled together as ‘new age’ workout techniques. However, while yoga was developed over thousands of years by saints in India, Pilates was developed by a fitness enthusiast in the United States in the twentieth century. 

Both systems focus on low-impact exercises that primarily use the body’s own weight as a tool to enhance development. However, they are very different both in terms of technique and objective. Yoga emphasizes a holistic ‘body and spirit’ approach as compared to Pilates, where the focus is primarily on muscle toning and development.

With a Motify at home Pilates for beginners course, you get access to a wide range of lessons and exercises by many different trainers. These beginner’s Pilates at home online workouts are for those whose focus is on muscle development and hypertrophy.

Why Pilates workouts at home are so effective?

Pilates is a very varied field of techniques. Some of these techniques require specialized equipment but so many others require just a flat surface, a mat and a pinch of motivation. That is ideal for someone like you who wants to get fit at home.

Pilates at home videos show you how to make the best of limited space to achieve your cardio as well as your strength training goals. Every Pilates tutorial begins with the instructor specifying the objectives that the workout will provide as well as the equipment you will need.

This way, you can quickly check if the Pilates routine online you are considering is actually suitable for you. It lets you narrow down the list of all Pilates workouts to the ones that align specifically with your fitness goals.

The most useful Pilates workout

Pilates workout videos for beginners on Motify vary by objective, by equipment, by trainer and by workout length. The best Pilates video online for you is the one that best meets your needs at home.

There are back-to-basics courses as well as routines designed specifically to sculpt and tone. More advanced lessons focus on dynamic stretches and accelerated strength building. We advise you to watch a routine first before you participate. This will give you an idea of the complexity and strength required to complete the lesson.

Ultimately, there is no single Pilates workout that is better than all the others. The different videos should be used as part of an ongoing lesson plan that focuses on all the different aspects of Pilates. This is how you will be able to achieve the best physical results in return for the effort you put into your workouts.

The Motify competitive advantage

Motify’s online Pilates courses bring the best Pilates instructors from around the world straight to your home. They are easy to understand and even easier to follow. To get an equivalent lesson at a gym would cost you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

Take full advantage of this amazing service and subscribe to your personalized Pilates workout right now.