Nutrition refers to the food we ingest that our body then uses to power its basic functions. By contrast, health nutrition is food eaten specifically to help the body reach a fitness goal. This can include building muscle mass and reducing body fat percentage as well as recovery after workouts and injuries.

Health nutrition differs from a standard healthy diet in its focus on specific types of nutrients. For example, someone looking to build muscle mass should increase the amount of protein in the diet. This can come from sources like lean meat, eggs, fish, chick peas and skim milk. It will help repair muscle tissue damaged in a workout.

Someone who is underweight and looking to bulk up would ingest protein but complement it with generous servings of carbohydrates. Here, brown rice, wheat pasta and potatoes would constitute a larger part of the balanced meal. Of course, strenuous exercises that use these extra calories must be part of the plan, too.

Fresh fruit and vegetables contain many micronutrients that perform specific roles in the body. They are especially powerful catalysts in injury recovery.

Creating healthy, nutritious meals at home can be as simple as watching an online Motify video.

How to observe health nutrition at home?

The home is the easiest place to maintain a good diet and balanced nutrition. This is because you have complete control over what you put in each dish. Nobody can force you to eat something that is not beneficial to your health. In fact, the biggest hurdle to good home nutrition is your own (lack of) willpower.

The first step is to eating well at home is checking the ingredients of everything you buy. Did you know that the list of ingredients on any package is written in descending order of volume? If ‘bad’ ingredients like sugar are in the first three or four ingredients, it is probably bad for you.

The next step is to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. This may not be practical across the board so start with some basics. Try baking your own bread if you can. Instead of buying pasta sauce or pizza topping, make your own. The added advantage is that it is much cheaper, too.

The best health nutrition videos

As with every other aspect of health and fitness, what works best for one person may not be the best for another. That is why the health nutrition lessons on Motify are so diverse. Our health nutrition experts cover a very wide range of dietary needs and limitations.

They are designed to help you create meals that are not only good in terms of health nutrition but also delicious. This approach ensures that you look forward to each meal instead of forcing yourself to eat it after your rigorous training session.

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