Pre and Post-Natal

Pregnancy is a wonderful time and a great opportunity to focus on yourself. A mother’s healthy body and mind benefit the unborn child in myriad ways. Physical exercise plays an important role in keeping both mum and baby fighting fit.

It is important for every pregnant woman to engage in basic exercise, especially in the earlier months when movement is not as restricted. Of course, your safety and that of your baby are of paramount importance.

Workout videos for pregnant women focus on keeping the heart rate elevated to strengthen the heart muscle. This means that cardio is essential. Exercises that strengthen the core and Kegel routines that focus on the pelvic floor are also important.

What workout is suitable for pregnant women?

The key to working out at home during a pregnancy is safety. Avoid exercises that involve high impact movement and those in which there is a significant risk of falling. Motify brings you the best workout videos for pregnant women available online that are safe but also deliver results.

One of the best options both before and after pregnancy is yoga. Prenatal yoga nourishes both the body and the mind with its low-impact, sedentary poses. There is a lot of focus on breathing, which is especially important because a fetus obtains its oxygen supply from his or her mother.

Yoga lessons for expectant mothers should be done in a cool, setting so that the body can cope with heat dissipation.

What workouts are suitable for the postnatal period?

Returning to an active lifestyle after you have given birth should be done in consultation with your doctor. At this stage, the body is still recuperating from the amazing accomplishment of bringing a new life into the world.

Kegel exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic muscles and many women say that it helps them maintain better control of their bladder.

As with any other stage of life, yoga comes to the fore in postnatal training. The basic poses are gentle enough to not unduly exert your muscles. Some even consist of simply lying down facing different directions while focusing on your breathing. For a recovering mother’s body, they are easy while still beneficial.

Yoga and other low-impact routines will slowly rebuild your strength and stamina while also restoring your motivation to return to an active life, little baby included.

The Motify competitive advantage

A Motify online workout video for pregnant women is a combination of knowledge, motivation and good vibes. They have been put together carefully by accredited specialists who have your and your baby’s best interests at heart.

When you subscribe to our service, you get instant access to all these videos and many more. You can even opt for videos that you can perform together with the baby’s father or another friend to keep you company. Watch and rewatch them as often as you like, and create your own playlist as you advance.

If your priority is getting fit while pregnant and after the little one arrives, rely on Motify.