Healthy Fitness

The focus of an all-round fitness workout is overall fitness. Instead of a particular goal like weight loss or muscle development, the idea is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This allows you to have fun keeping fit without the stress of adhering to very strict rules or pushing yourself too hard.

An online all-round fitness video is suitable for both males and females of all ages. It can encompass a very wide range of exercises that you can do at home. These lessons and training routines are usually simple, easy to follow, and relatively short.

Some Motify trainers have developed their own all-round fitness series that adhere to the basic principles but are divided into segments. These segments can consist of body part-specific exercises or vary by technique, for example, yoga, Pilates and stretching. Others may focus on abilities like balance and flexibility.

What is the best all-round fitness workout to do at home?

Motify recommends that instead of having a specific set of workouts to maintain all-round fitness, you should mix and match. This constantly-changing variety of exercises keeps the body guessing and the mind engaged. Together, they allow you to enjoy every workout while being challenged just enough.

The exercises that you include in these workout routines should cover the three basics of fitness: strength, stamina and flexibility. So, an effective all-round fitness regimen could include yoga for flexibility, high intensity interval training (HIIT) for stamina and Pilates exercises for strength.

Within each of those exercise techniques is infinite room for variety and change. Combine and change around the sequence in which you perform them for even more variety and better results.

One of the great advantages that all-round fitness has over other workout routines is its relaxed nature. While you will be pushed during individual exercises, the focus on enjoying the moment precedes the stress-inducing goal-focused nature of, for example, a weight loss program.

The Motify competitive advantage

Motify online video workouts are intended to give you the opportunity to get and keep fit in the confines of your home. They are specifically designed so the amount of space you have hardly matters. In fact, most of our routines require no more than a yoga mat-sized area.

The Motify service is the ideal place to begin an all-round workout regime simply because of the sheer variety of video training routines on offer. Gym classes and personal trainers usually focus on a single element or technique, and expanding your choices often means paying more. At Motify, one subscription covers everything.

Each Motify trainer is an accredited expert in his or her field. We have carefully vetted them to ensure that all our customers get the best possible workout to help them reach their fitness goals quickly and safely.

If you have overspent your money on gym memberships and equipment that you hardly ever use, you need Motify. We offer value, expertise, motivation and the convenience of doing it all from the comfort of your own home. Motify yourself today.