You must have noticed that virtually every fitness regimen is based around the gym or, at least, gym equipment. Gym workout videos are immensely popular with fitness enthusiasts from beginners to fitness trainers themselves. The key to this popularity is that gym exercises are so effective for reaching all fitness goals.

Motify’s gym videos show you how to perform resistance training the right way to get the results you want quickly. Our body gym workout videos are performed by certified trainers. Each of their lessons can be performed easily at home with simple equipment.

What gym exercises are the most helpful for home training?

If someone gives you a simple list of exercises in response to that question, they are not qualified to lead your workout – run away! Every good trainer will tell you that a full gym workout video will have parts that work better for some people than others.

The first and most factor is your goal. Are you driven to lose weight? Or is it to tone up? Do you want to build mass? Different workout routines work differently for each of those purposes.

What you should look for in every home training routine, though, is practicality. You should be able to perform the exercise without the added risk of injury to yourself or anyone around you. It should not damage your home or require expensive equipment.

What equipment is suitable for gym workout?

There is no need for massive or expensive gym workout equipment with most Motify exercise routines. The basics will include:

  • barbells, dumbbells and/or kettlebell – the weight depends on your specific needs;
  • resistance bands – you may want different bands for different muscle groups;
  • fitness ball – A good alternative to just sitting, this will help engage your core.

If you are working with weights, make sure that you place a rubber or foam mat on the floor to prevent damage. A mirror is always a good idea – it helps you focus on and maintain your form for even muscle development.

How to choose the right fitness workout?

Motify features a very wide array of fitness workouts to cater to every fitness enthusiast. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself before you order your training workout:

  • What is my objective? - General fitness, muscle gain, fat loss, toning or simple wellness.
  • How much time do I have? – Choose a workout you can easily incorporate into your day.
  • Do I have the equipment needed? – Use the right equipment for the best results.
  • Male or female trainer? – Some may prefer a trainer of the same sex. Others like visual motivation.

The Motify competitive advantage

The Motify service is geared to provide the best and most effective training gym videos possible. We encourage you to browse through all our trainers and their programs. You will discover that there is a Motify workout for every person and every purpose.

Getting fit and healthy has never been simpler. You can even start right now.