Over the past few decades, science has confirmed what our ancient ancestors already knew – that mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin. The growing popularity of fitness videos is evidence of that.

We know that the brain produces hormones that control our mood, sleep, appetite and physical wellbeing. The release of some of these hormones is triggered by exercise. Among the criteria that the brain uses to judge whether you are working out are your heart rate, breathing rate, muscle fatigue and perspiration.

Of course, you could satisfy all these criteria with a trip to the gym or a run at the park. But why spend your valuable time and money just to go somewhere else to achieve when you can do it with workout at home videos?

Motify’s range of workouts online is part of a fitness video training archive that can help you transform your physique. Designed exclusively to motivate video fitness online enthusiasts, they contain lessons and exercises that strengthen both your body and your mind.

How to choose the right fitness workout at home?

The key to using fitness videos for training is knowing your starting fitness level and the end result you want to achieve. You can then choose the workouts at home videos that align with these two markers.

Remember that training is not just about pain but about pushing yourself through successive levels of fitness. Choose exercises and sports in which you have an interest. This will motivate you and help you stick to the fitness video training routine without getting bored or being discouraged.

When selecting fitness videos to do at home, make sure that you subscribe to those for which you have enough space. Don’t choose a tennis video just because you love tennis if you don’t have the space to play it at home.

How to motivate yourself for a home fitness workout?

Motivation is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Keep a calendar to monitor the progress of your workouts online. Keep track of how much you lift, how much you weigh, how fast you move and how close you are getting to your fitness goals.

This works as encouragement because it is evidence that your efforts are paying off with real-world results.

Another motivational trick is to work out with a partner. This could be anyone, even if your fitness levels and goals are different. Simply having someone with who to share the experience can be enough to push you out of bed on the days when you feel unmotivated. Of course, they can also physically drag you out of bed on the days that you are feeling especially unmotivated.

The Motify competitive advantage

The Motify platform is designed specifically for home fitness video training and our trainers come from all over the world. Never get bored with area-specific or sports-specific routines. Use our service to plan, modify and evolve your routine as you progress. 

Make the best of your time at home and transform your body, mind and spirit with Motify.