From the time we are kids at school, the focus of ‘exercise’ and ‘physical education’ is overwhelmingly on cardio. Cardio is the common term for ‘cardiovascular exercise’, which is any exercise that increases the heart rate significantly above its resting rate.

The popularity of cardio stems from its ability to burn a high volume of calories within a short period. This allows you to achieve your fitness and/or weight goals faster than other forms of exercise. Another reason that cardio is favored is that it is enjoyable. Sports like running, swimming and interval training push us to our limits in a fun way.

Among the most popular cardio workouts are jogging, swimming and sports like lacrosse. However, cardio exercises for home are just as easy. Here is a list of cardio exercises at home that require very little space:

  • Climbing steps (or stepping up and down off a milk crate);
  • Stationary bike workout;
  • Elliptical trainer routine;
  • Rowing machine session;
  • Treadmill run;
  • HIIT (High intensity interval training).

What equipment is necessary for a cardio home workout?

Motify offers a range of workouts for cardio at home that require little to no equipment. At the very least, it is recommended that you have a mat but even this is strictly not essential.

Some home workout cardio exercises combine weight training. In that case, you will need dumbbells, barbells and/or kettlebells. A workout bench and fitness ball can come in handy, too. We touched on different types of cardio home exercises in the previous section. Each of those training routines requires its own specialized equipment.

In terms of personal wear, a firm pair of shoes with adequate cushioning and support goes a long way in preventing injuries. Make sure that you wear breathable clothing that is not too loose or too tight. Fitness gloves can be helpful when using weights or other equipment.

The most useful cardio workout at home

Any aerobic at home exercise performed using the right technique and for the requisite period of time will deliver results. However, one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to exercises for cardio at home. The right one for you depends on your body type, fitness level and personal preference.

Motify recommends that you browse our range of online cardio workout lessons and watch as many as you like before deciding. Try a range of trainers and training methods. This will give you a good idea of what you will enjoy. That enjoyment will be your motivation along your road to peak physical fitness.

The Motify competitive advantage

Motify is an online workout training service that brings expert cardio training straight to your home. Instead of limiting you to a single trainer, we give you the choice of dozens of certified cardio training specialists from around the world. Your subscription guarantees you unlimited access to them all.

Watch the videos, learn the techniques and see the results as you train. There is simply no easier way to get fit.